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Rothenberg-Rosenfield has over 30 years of proven apartment ownership and management experience.  We select, purchase, and renovate exclusive residential properties in the New York City area.  This distinctive residential component broadens the dimension of our investment offerings. 

Our residential group seeks out well-located buildings with strong infrastructure and attractive apartments.  We utilize our long-serving, in-house construction company and our interior design capability to create classy, modern homes for potential buyers.  We know that higher-quality apartment design and detail produces higher resale prices and that utilizing internal resources generates consistent quality and reliable cost control.  RRI’s team completes desirable and timely renovations, offering buyers a true turn-key purchase.

When determining if a residential asset meets our acquisition criteria, RRI analyzes the building location only within select New York City neighborhoods.  We know that the minute details of residential buildings heavily weigh on potential sales prices, so we conduct extensive due diligence, inspecting buildings’ physical infrastructures to predict future costs.  Once a potential asset meets specific requirements, we develop in-depth financial modeling and projections to determine the long-term outlook and investment results of the acquisition.

RRI residential investments offer a unique opportunity to take advantage of the New York City real estate market.

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