Sharing our history.

For our future partners.

Rothenberg-Rosenfield is a second-generation, private real estate firm specializing in the acquisition and ownership of select retail and industrial properties as long-term investment vehicles. Founded in 1981 by Michael Rothenberg and Daniel Rosenfield, the RRI name is synonymous with responsibility and a history of year-to-year success.  We are a mid-size company with a detail-oriented, small company mentality, always interacting with our investors, sellers, and lenders in a professional and transparent manner.

RRI's conservative and disciplined investment approach creates steady growth and creates long-term value for our investors.  Many of our investors have participated with us since inception, and have loyally trusted RRI to build wealth.  Our individual and institutional investors know we are not trying to meet transaction-based quotas.  They know we are nimble decision-makers, free from bureaucratic processes.  We deliver results because our disciplined methods consistently work for every deal we close.

Our track record demonstrates our reliability as well.  We own and operate over 2.2 million square feet of retail and industrial space and have sold over 575 residential apartments in New York City.  RRI looks forward to continued steady growth.

Rothenberg-Rosenfield is a firm with integrity.  Our experienced and accessible team strives to generate value for our investors, ensure success with our sellers, and deliver confidence to our lenders.